Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter Sunday

Darric & me Easter 2008

Just me :-)
Darric looking good all dressed up!
With the nieces...the boy didn't want his picture taken at the time!
But he was happy to smile now...he was about to get his Easter basket! :-)

Good Friday!

"Ladies who lunch" - Tawn, Tish & me after lunch...we missed our 4th "muskateer" Oleta, but still had fun! :-) (just ask Tish about the "tuckey sandwich! LOL)

Here's a picture of the outside Webster House where Darric works & where we had lunch

Tawn & me after Curtis worked his magic on our hair! :-D

Monday, March 10, 2008

time for a new post...

So, I don't know about any of you, but I am past being sick of this winter weather. I have decided that I'm ready to MOVE!!!!! LOL I was pretty irrate with the snow that fell on friday, but I had to be grateful that I don't live in Ohio! ;-)

The beginning of last week was quite interesting for me starting at about noon on Sunday. I was in the middle of making Sunday dinner when I stepped in a big puddle of water. I then discovered that something I had just taken out of the freezer wasn't quite as frozen as it should've been...needless to say, our refrigerator had apparently bitten the dust at some point during the night. After we frantically unloaded EVERYTHING into our deep freezer & coolers, I ran to the gas station to pick up ice. Then, we proceeded to go shopping for a new fridge...Lowe's, Sear's, Home we come! I found & fell in love with a REALLY nice Samsung at Lowe's, loved that they could deliver on Monday, but didn't like the price. So on to Sear's. They had "my" fridge (but a step down), but couldn't deliver until SATURDAY! NO WAY JOSE!!!!!! LOL! Home Depot had nothing interesting, so back to Lowe's we went to see if we could get a "deal". Well, get a "deal" we did -- AND I got exactly what I wanted -- YAY!!!!!!! :-) Here's a pic of my beautiful NEW "BABY"! ;-) Thankfully it got delivered on Monday (which was another andventure in & of itself, that I'm NOT going to go into! LOL) Anyway, I'm very happy to have my new fridge & glad I didn't have to wait a whole week to get it! :-)

I also wanted to post this pic of my wonderful, sweet friend Anna & her new baby boy Kyler Lee. He is SO adorable! He joins 15 mo old Killian, so pray for Anna...Killian wasn't too sure about baby brother when he met him for the first time! :-) (there you go, Mom!) ;-)
Well, I think I'm going to go for's hoping that Spring arrives soon & that we don't get any more snow!!!!!!! :-D