Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Almost time

Well, this week has turned out to be a bit better than last week (thank the Lord!)...though how I managed to get lucky enough to have 3 early morning meetings in my last week at my old job, I'll never know! ha! I'm pretty sure that's just the luck of the draw when it comes to about anything for me!
I'm really trying hard not to think about the fact that I only have 3 more days at the cancer center because whenever I do that...sigh...there I go again...getting all teary! No, I'm not sad about moving on to a better opportunity...but I will definitely miss all of my friends!
So, in order to make it not so difficult on my last day, I decided to go ahead & start cleaning out my stuff from the drawers & off my desk. Good grief! How much junk does one accumalate in a itty bitty cube in 2 years?! lol Somehow, I managed to bring home a full box & there's still more!!!!! I guess that's what happens when you tend to keep everything...hmmm...maybe I need to go through that box again & see what I really need to keep! Well, that's pretty much it for now...I'm outta here for now!
P.S. For those of you wondering about what the house looks like now that we've gotten it painted...here ya go! Now you won't go to the wrong house when you come to see me! hehe!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Could I have a Xanax, Please???

Today was one of those days where you wish you could erase it & start over...come to think of it, maybe even back up & erase the last few days while you're at it. All day I've been thinking about what I wish I had for the day...the list is as follows: a pillow, 10 lbs of chocolate, a box & a half of kleenexes & a stiff drink--ha!
I am physically exhausted & emotionally drained, but yet all I can think of is how much I'd like to break a few plates, or something else equally as breakable -- like somebody's nose!
My heart hurts & my eyes have been periodically leaking throughout the day. Lest anyone fear it's my husbands nose I'd like to break or him causing my heart to hurt & eyes to leak, let me assure you it is not because of him but for him that my heart hurts & eyes leak...if that makes any sense...ok...well it does to me.
Anyway, he has been having a really rough week & has been treated in completely unacceptable ways the past few days. Of course, since he's my husband & I love him ever so much, that makes me see red & then cry...then back to being angry & crying again. I don't like feeling this way, but because I care, I feel...& you know I've always been one to wear my heart on my sleeve! I don't like seeing my loved ones hurt or treated unfairly, thus I become fiercely protective & a bit of a fire-brand against whomever is causing the problem.
The bottom line is that as frustrating as this day has been...my eyes leak now for an entirely different reason. As I talked to my mother-in-law on my way home, she said "well let me tell you what I've been doing on my way home...", I stopped her & said "I know full well what you were doing...you were praying your little heart out!"
Yep...that's exactly what she was doing. And it hit me like a ton of bricks. I had an absolutely miserable day not because of what was going on, but because I wasn't letting God have control of my heart hurting & eyes leaking until just then. Instead of wishing all day that I had 10 lbs of chocolate & some kleenexes, I should've been praying...so, as I go off to bed, I am now doing what I should've been doing all day...praying & trusting God to take care of the day.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A New Venture

It's so hard to believe that this time 2 weeks from now I will be finishing up my first day at my new job. I'm quite overwhelmed at the moment thinking about all of the things I am going to have to learn & all the new friends I'm going to have to make. However, I'm beyond excited about the opportunities it provides me career wise to make this switch. I'm trying to remain positive & confident that I'm going to be awesome at this job! Anyway, that's pretty much all that's on my mind at the moment, so off I go for now...have a fabulous evening!!!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

A New Addiction???

Well, I've been saying I was going to do this for a long time...& here I finally am. I don't know how often I'll actually post on here, as I am already addicted to myspace & facebook, but we'll give it a fair try! :-) Of course this wouldn't be a real first attempt if I don't add a picture, so here one is & I'm done here for now.