Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas...

...from our family to yours!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

my precious little angel

A few edited versions of the pictures I previously posted. Enjoy! ;-)

Monday, November 15, 2010

She's here!!!!!!

Savannah Grace

Born: October 29th, 2010

Weight: 7 lb. 4.4 oz.

Length: 19.5 in.

Friday, October 22, 2010

"D" Day... is the big day -- the DUE DATE -- I've been carrying this precious bundle for 40 weeks!!!!!! The time has gone by so quickly...far faster than I ever expected. When we found out we were expecting, this day seemed SOOOOO far away...& yet now, already, it's here!
Of course, she's not here yet...but I'm hoping she will decide to come SOON!!!! ;-) And, thankfully, there's an end in site. If she doesn't decide to come on her own between now & next Wednesday, she will arrive sometime (hopefully) on thursday, via induction. Everything is crossed off the "to do list" except for a few last minute now we just get to wait...& wait...which is definitely the hardest part!
I'm feeling anxious, excited, impatient & so many other emotions right now, I can't even begin to describe it. I'm anxious to get through labor, excited to see her, impatient to hold her...and YIKES...the realization that I'm actually going to be a mommy!!! What an enormous responsibility I will soon have for the REST OF MY LIFE!!!!! It's scary, but I am so grateful for her already & know that with God's help & grace, it will all be fine. I am truly blessed...and can't wait to meet this little gal!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

fun & girly!!!

Ok ya''s a quick "sneek peek" of my latest "nesting" project that I started & completed all within a couple hours last night. I will post the whole process someday, with better I specifically took the time to take step by step pictures as I was doing it. (I know...I was so proud of myself - HA!) I can't wait for Li'l Miss to get here so that she can model my fun little creation for you all...I'm so excited with how well it turned out -- even better than I expected! Sooooo, without further ado, I present her very first....TUTU!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Grand Opening!

My lovely best friend from high school, Brandi, just opened her print shop for her photography business. She is having a Grand Opening & you should head on over there to check it out using the link below! She is an amazing photographer & I am blessed to have her as a dear friend. I can't wait until she gets to take pictures of Baby Wright!!!! ;-) While you're checking out her print shop, don't forget to check out her blog too! She's doing a very cool project & has taken some beautiful pictures for it!

Here are a few of my favorites! ;-)
Love ya Snickerdoodle! I'm so proud of you XXOO, Reecie Cup ;-)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Good News...

It's official...sometime around the end of October our lives are going to change in a big way ~ via a small package! Life is never going to be the same...I will probably worry a lot & stress some too, but the sweetest part of all is that Baby Wright will always be my baby no matter how big he/she grows! :-)