Friday, October 22, 2010

"D" Day... is the big day -- the DUE DATE -- I've been carrying this precious bundle for 40 weeks!!!!!! The time has gone by so quickly...far faster than I ever expected. When we found out we were expecting, this day seemed SOOOOO far away...& yet now, already, it's here!
Of course, she's not here yet...but I'm hoping she will decide to come SOON!!!! ;-) And, thankfully, there's an end in site. If she doesn't decide to come on her own between now & next Wednesday, she will arrive sometime (hopefully) on thursday, via induction. Everything is crossed off the "to do list" except for a few last minute now we just get to wait...& wait...which is definitely the hardest part!
I'm feeling anxious, excited, impatient & so many other emotions right now, I can't even begin to describe it. I'm anxious to get through labor, excited to see her, impatient to hold her...and YIKES...the realization that I'm actually going to be a mommy!!! What an enormous responsibility I will soon have for the REST OF MY LIFE!!!!! It's scary, but I am so grateful for her already & know that with God's help & grace, it will all be fine. I am truly blessed...and can't wait to meet this little gal!!!


Brenda said...

Awesome! Didn't realize this was already the day for you! Trust all goes well and we'll be waiting for pictures and details!!!! :-)

LittlePeopleWealth said...

Congratulations! I am guessing that you have a little one right now since it has been about 9 days since you blogged. My second was born a week after his due date :)